Digital compilation with Dead Sheep Productions bands

29 June, 2017 webmaster_formatearte 0

Three bands of Dead Sheep Productions roster, apear in this great extreme metal compilation “…TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO VOL.18”. Here you can listening to some tracks of KARONTE, BLOODY BROTHERHOOD and TROMORT. …TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO VOL.18 by TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO

Alliance for death domination Split - KARONTE - BLOODY BROTHERHOOD


22 April, 2017 webmaster_formatearte 0

  Two of the most powerful old school Death Metal bands from northern Spain in a 10″ Split EP(plus CD and Digital Download for free!!!). KARONTE, the veteran band with 22 years of uninterruptible carreer, include 3 new tracks keeping their own style, a mixture of heavy crushing riffs with […]

New release! TROMORT

15 March, 2017 webmaster_formatearte 0

TROMORT is our new release. Co-edited with Hecatombe records, Black Seed Prods and Nooirax.  Great artwork by Juanjo Castellano and a really dark production in this work of pure old school Death Metal.

DORMANTH – Cover artwork and tracklist

9 February, 2017 webmaster_formatearte 0

COMING SOON! All the classic works of this legendary band from Basque country in the same CD!!. Melodic death metal with big influences of bands like Paradise lost. “Valley of Sadness” contains “Sadness” demo tape (for very first time on CD), “Valley of Dreams” (their first album), “Voice of the […]


DORMANTH signed with Dead Sheep Productions

6 February, 2017 webmaster_formatearte 0

Dead Sheep Productions is proud to reissue all the classic works of the band DORMANTH in a compilation CD under the title “VALLEY OF SADNESS” which includes all their original artwork, lyrics, and information about the band. Soon we will reveal artwork and tracklist.


26 October, 2016 webmaster_formatearte 0

MERCYLESS + PUTRID OFFAL + KARONTE SUFFERING DIVINITY TOUR Los legendarios MERCYLESS (Francia) presentan su nuevo álbum “Pathetic Divinity” por primera vez en España. Acompañados de los brutales PUTRID OFFAL (Francia), visitan la capital cántabra de nuevo tras 18 años, actuando en el mismo escenario de entonces y compartiendo de […]



8 September, 2016 webmaster_formatearte 0

KARONTE + BLOODY BROTHERHOOD ALLIANCE FOR DEATH DOMINATION – SPLIT 10″ EP Two of the most powerfull bands from Spain in a 10″ Split EP!! KARONTE, the veteran band from Cantabria with 22 years of uninterruptible carreer will include three new tracks keeping their own style, and that is a […]

NEW Release!!! MORDOR

4 August, 2015 webmaster_formatearte 0

Cult thrash band MORDOR re-release, through Dead Sheep Productions and Whisper Prods, their two albums with bonus tracks Each Cd comes with new layout, on digipak, with tons of pictures plus the remastered tracks from the early demos “Entombed Alive” and “Sin lechuga”  

New release!!! ANTICLERICAL

8 July, 2015 webmaster_formatearte 0

ANTICLERICAL (cult grindcore band) finally “rest in peace”!! Compilation Cd with their never before released album called “extrañas sensaciones”, plus rarities, demo ’92 and demo ’93 (split with KDK) Order NOW FOR ONLY 3 EUR!!!! Co-edition with Brutal Arratia Records, Odio Sonoro , humanicide Records, dead sheep Dead Productions, […]