The band started in the year 1988 with JA on guitars/vocals and JF on drums.  However, in that period, with very limited instruments only a few songs were composed that showed a very primitive Black/Thrash Metal. Not much was achieved in this period (except for some months of rehearsals) and that eventually led nowhere.

By 1995 JA decided to record some of the old songs on his own but that demo (“Possessed By Darkness”) was only released  in 2007.

In 1996, with not much happening with DECAYED, JA decides to bring back the band.

Alastor band

Some people were invited to join this project and old songs were rehearsed with new ones. The end result would be an album (“Gates Of Darkness”) that no one seemed interested in releasing…
Most of those recordings ended up being finally released in 1998 as a split CD with DECAYED. After that split, Barbarian Wrath contacted the band for a possible cooperation and in 2000 the debut album  “Crushing Christendom” was released. That was followed in 2001 by “Hellward”, an album totally sung in portuguese.

The third album “Infernal Lord” has been unleashed in 2004. “Demon Attack” got released in 2011 and it introduced a whole new line up: J.A. on rhythm guitars, G.C. on vocals and bass guitar, N.S. on lead guitars and F.S. on drums.

In order to celebrate the 25th year of the band, a new album was released: “From The Hellish Abyss” in 2013.

Now that the band gets ready to celebrate 30 years on Unmerciful Thrashing Rage, a new album (“The Dark Tower”) is ready!