DORMANTH was born in Bilbao in January 1993 after various experiences of its components in different bands, such as NOPRESION (Oscar del Val), BEER MOSH (Javi Martínez) or ELBERETH (Maciej Zienkiewicz). After consolidating their formation with Jorge Elizalde (Bass & Vocals) and Santi G. Mendezona (Guitar), they recorded their self-produced demo “SADNESS” in January 1994, which sold all copies and opened several doors, and they showed their value by playing live throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

A year later, they decided to take the leap and record their CD “VALLEY OF DREAMS”, establishing them as one of the bands with the greatest projection inside the national extreme metal scene. Following a period of playing gigs, problems arose within the core of the band and the drummer was replaced. Three of its components (Jorge, Santi and Oscar) decided to continue playing. In 1996 the group ceased its activity, resuming it in 2015. That year, the EP “VOICE OF THE SOUL …” was recorded as an anniversary gift for fans of the band, who still demanded their return to the stage.

Dead Sheep Productions is proud to release all their classic works in a compilation cd full of pictures, posters, flyers, original artworks, lyrics and info about the band.

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