KARONTE is the most veteran extreme metal band from Cantabria (northern Spain), being formed in 1994 after the union of 4 musicians that already played in other underground bands from the same area since 1991.Many have been the shows played since then, sharing stage with bands such as Centinex (Swe), Mercyless (Fra), Avulsed, Runic, The Eyes, Mordor… and playing in festivals such as the Barbarian Metal Fest (Madrid), Black Xmas (Irún) or Milwookis Metal Fest.

Their aggressive sound, powerful yet full of feeling, is a mixture of Death, Thrash and Doom Metal, with influences from bands like Gorefest, Hypocrisy, Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower, Entombed and the classic sound of thrash and death metal.

KARONTE has released 3 demos to date, appeared in many compilations (including a DVD featuring their participation in the Milwookis Metal Fest), “Letargo”(their first full lentgh CD) and now “Paraíso sin fe”.

In 2012, released their second CD called “Paraíso sin fe”. More aggressive than previous stuff, KARONTE settled deep into the foundations of heavy end, powerful and melodic of extreme metal. With this work they receive excellent reviews by the underground press worldwide.

In 2014 after 20 years of existence, KARONTE published an exclusive and limited edition called “Vivo y resucitado”. Only 120 copies (12″ LP+Cd Digipack) with a spectacular presentation, including part of a live recording and the re-recording of 4 tracks from their old 90’s demo tapes.




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