TROMORT is a Death Metal band from Móstoles (Madrid, Spain) formed in mid-2009.

Singing in their native language and influenced by bands like GRAVE, BOLT THROWER, DEAD CONGREGATION or CANNIBAL CORPSE among many others, the band has shared stage with peninsular underground acts such as GROG, ROAR, LOUDED, UNDER VULTURES, CUERNOS DE CHIVO, AATHMA, KHMER, CEMENTERIO or KATHAARSYS since they gave their first gig in November 2010.

During summer 2011 TROMORT recorded their first EP Per Saecula Saeculorum (NOOIRAX PRODUCCIONES) with mate producer Kike Novillo, although the CD wasn’t put out until December 2012 (a Split CD together with Spanish Brutal Death band MORTAJA).

In 2014 the band signed with Canadian label MULLIGORE PRODUCTIONS through which their EP was re – released. The album Creación Profana also included two previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in December 2012 by Belgian recording engineer/mixer Frank Rotthier (BLIKSEM, PLAGUE TOWN, TOXIC SHOCK…) and mastered by James Plotkin (KHANATE, KHLYST, ISIS, EARTH…).

At present, TROMORT’s new album is about to be released! Recorded and mixed by Kaikus (UNDER VULTURES) and mastered by Phlegeton (WORMED, BANISHED FROM INFERNO), Camino de la Sangre (DEAD SHEEP / NOOIRAX / HECATOMBE RECORDS / BLACKSEED) consists of 8 new tracks.

Again, master illustrator Juanjo Castellano has produced an amazing cover artwork which shall delight all followers of the genre.